Since July 2017 I have become a freelancer. With this I registered two trademarks: "Absolit" and "ICT-Hulp Heerhugowaard".

My intention for 'Absolit' is to create an easy platform where simple individuals or companies can buy a website from a full-stack WordPress developer. I mainly offer custom websites, but a budget website is also possible. Think of an information website with a predetermined theme.

A website for this company is still under construction. However, my services are still available.


My company currently offers the following services:

  • Webhosting: €8,- p/m, €80 p/y
  • Domain fees for .NL €9 and .COM €12.
  • Free advice for your online platform
  • Tailor made services €40,- p/u

All costs are exclusive of VAT.

Would you like advice for your landing website, information website, dashboard, system or general advice about WordPress? Then give us a call or fill out the contact form below!

ICT Help Heerhugowaard

My intention for "ICT-Hulp Heerhugowaard" is to help people of a previous generation with the technologies of today.

Think about helping set up a brand new laptop, Smartphone, Smart TV, watches, printers or even refrigerators.

The rates are;

  • €9 call out charge
  • €7.50 per quarter hour with a minimum purchase of half an hour
  • No no-cure no pay, but free advice. This prevents me from having to repair a TV from 1990, for example.

Technical assistance

Originaly the intention was to roll out the company in whole Heerhugowaard, but my hobby for making websites is too strong. Also, I moved to Anna Paulowna so the trade name is not entirely relevant. Nevertheless I still want to help people with their technical problems.

Do you have any questions or would you like my help? Then give me a call, or make an appointment using the contact form below!

Please contact me

or call 06 44 69 46 39