Some information about me

My name is Marthijn Beilschmidt, born in 1995 in Heerhugowaard. From a young age I've been busy with computers and design. By making puzzles and games for example, or building a computer for an acquaintance. This was then broadened by studying Media designer at the Media College Amsterdam.

During my education I did an internship at iDotMedia and Specialist in Websites. This gave me experience in design choices and a lot of experience in customer communication.

In July 2017 I became self-employed. In doing so, I founded two small companies, namely: Absolit & ICT-Hulp Heerhugowaard. For Absolit I am a full-stack webdeveloper, and for ICT-Hulp HHW I offer a wide range of ICT knowledge, and help with this, at home.

Why is your theme "space"? I inspire myself by the universe, it's just like my creativity; spacious, mysterious and infinite. I have no interest in becoming an astronaut later on.


Experienced front-end & back-end enthusiastic


Purposeful entertainment aimed at optimal efficiency and focus


Over 3 years of knowledge of the ins and outs of WordPress plugins and themes.


Experience with production, concepts and storytelling videos